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Network Media Device

Post by blv » Thu 23 Jul, 2015 7:04 pm

Ok, so I'll just let everyone know, I am starting my searching here. I will start scouring Google once I have written this up and post any results.

So, I am going to start to build up our media room, however the first device I want to purchase is some form of network media device. A quick outline of what I want the device to do is as follows:

Location: Switch Rack

I want it to hook into my network to use content on my server.

I want to hook my Security System into it so I can view my camera through this device.

I will run a HDMI cable from the switch rack through the roof and into both the lounge & the theatre. I don't require it to play to both TV's simultaneously.

I will have 3 lots of speakers. One set in the Lounge to be played with that TV, one set in the theatre to be played with that TV, and one set in the alfresco area to play the radio or a music playlist (spotify / itunes)

Be controlled by a tablet / smartphone.

I know these devices exist, some have lighting and Foxtel all integrated (C-Bus / Control 4), however I don't want that higher end type equipment.

Thanks in advance!!
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