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Sorry, new topic re: server

Post by dorift » Fri 21 Feb, 2014 7:52 pm

Any experience here with openelec, or alternative light weight software that
A) a moron like me can work with
B) plays nice enough in conjunction with a windows box to let me move files back and forth
C) will run a torrent client and XBMC?

I know it's a little lazy to not research myself, but I always get lost in a maze of info on google.

Essentially I want to be able to serve files to my two other RPi devices, download everything to this box, and run XBMC on it. Without windows.
Support for a tv tuner and associated software would be a massive bonus, but probably not essential.

Lastly, if I'm to install a different OS other than win7 (current) do I have to backup all my data (other than safety wise... Like will I have to format both [2tb] drives or just create a partition)?
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